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Tyler Perry Lays Hand on Bishop TD JAKES

2 Sep

Tyler Perry Lays Hand on Bishop TD JAKES

Tyler Perry Lays Hand on Bishop TD JAKES

A video clip which has now been removed by YouTube captured the moment on Sunday the 1st of September 2013 when Hollywood actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry laid his hand on the head of Bishop TD Jakes as he prayed for the Bishop at the Potters House, Dallas. In the footage, Tyler Perry spoke of having donated $113,000 at MegaFest Conference 2013 after Pastor Paula White had asked the congregation to give $113 as a representation of Psalm 113. He also went on to pledge $1 million to a Youths’ building.

Mr Perry then began praying in tongues, and proceeded to pray for Bishop TD Jakes. Before the clip was taken down on YouTube one of the four video channels had received over 30,000 views, with various comments of approval by some and disapproval of others who where unsure of the actor laying hands on the head of an approving Bishop. Referring to the act, one of the viewers asked, “Ummmmmmmmmmm was that suppose to happen???”

Some might wonder if it was something that happened on the spur of the moment or if Mr Perry was overtaken by the charged atmosphere. As indicated by the views of the those on YouTube, the question will surely be on the minds and hearts of Christian around the world for a long time. Was it spiritually okay for Tyler Perry (who is not known to be officially ordained by the Church) to lay hands on the head of Bishop TD Jakes?

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“ Tyler Perry Lays Hand on Bishop TD JAKES ”

  • Comment from Marcie Ed

    Don’t miss what God is doing in these End-Times Seasons!! By focusing on those things that are not relevant!.
    By the stance of Bishop Jake, He received what took place in that charged atmosphere! Openly and freely. Who are we to Judge!! There are Souls yet to be won to Christ!! So let’s put our energy & focus in Wining the Loss for Christ!
    Bless you.

  • Comment from Prophet C Joseph Briggs

    I can’t say that God did not ordain this. It still happened and maybe it’s good that it did. I’ve seen too many “clowns” bearing titles tear ministries apart with their antics. If the Spirit of God allowed Bishop Jakes to be spiritually blessed by Tyler Perry’s unctioning under that SAME SPIRIT, who is man to judge? The world is too caught up with “TITLE WORSHIP” and reverence of men, and we have forgotten that it is God that has given spiritual gifts that is divided SEVERALLY amongst the body. I guess if Perry prophesied to Jakes many would have said it was ‘out of order’ right? Even though the bible does support the body operating in this function? We as Kingdom Saints need to take a step back,re-read the Word of God and examine ourselves before we say or think another negative thought about how God operates. He chooses and uses as HE sees fit, and we are not to judge. Blessings!

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