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Does SEX Sell in the Church: Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole

18 Mar

The Article has now been updated since it was first posted on March 18th.

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Does SEX Sell in the Church:
Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole

I would also like to use this opportunity to draw your attention to what I believe is of utmost importance in the body of Christ today. And this is the issue of Discernment, Accountability, and how far we should go in achieving what we believe God has called us to do.

Only recently (March 5th 2013), I posted the photo/video below on the Crux Magazine Facebook timeline titled,

“It is always a great idea to have others watch your ministry recording before it goes out into the public domain.”

Click Image Below: On this photo, we have covered the lady’s exposed chest area.

Does sex sell in the church?


The post was not meant draw attention to LaTascha Emanuel nor her ministry, popularly referred to as, gospel from the stripper’s pole, but instead to highlight the need for discernment,  accountability and wisdom in the the way we conduct ourselves in ministry. And as expected a lot of God fearing people responded to my post via the Facebook timeline and by other means showing their disgust.

I must confess when we first saw the video on Facebook and thought of re-posting/sharing it on Facebook, we hesitated because we did not want to be seen to be “washing our dirty linen in public” so to speak. But I finally yielded to what I felt was the Holy Spirit’s leading…and went on to post the video on Facebook. However, since then, it has become more evident to us that her indecent exposure in that particular video was not as a one-off wardrobe malfunction, but a regular occurrence in the way she dresses (as a matter of fact, more online photos and videos show even more revealing outfits worn by her).

Anyhow, just as I was about to start today’s business, I got a newsletter from Charisma magazine in the USA about TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch, and thought to myself, it’s good Charisma is now also addressing such scandals in the church more frequently.

Now, Crux Magazine and I believe Charisma magazine are not in any way claiming moral superiority, but like several others, we are sick and tired of the razzmatazz in the kingdom of God and desire a more obvious positive change in the way we the ministry leaders run and carry ourselves. Apparently, LaTascha Emanuel used to be a stripper, but then, one would ask, “can we really always use the same tools of the trade in ministry that we used as Non-Christians (in this case, baring your breasts to achieve your goals)”? The answer is a rhetorical, No! Does sex sell in the Church…or putting it personally, Does sex sell in your Local Church? This is an issue we would all have to answer.

Frankly speaking I believe there’s going to be more open display of immorality and waywardness in the Church, and those of us that love the Lord should be ready to speak up against such waywardness and immorality the kingdom. We pray for God’s grace upon His remnant people in these last days. We pray that we the leaders would be good examples for the whole church, and for the boldness to lead and guide God’s people in righteousness, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

I know that as we remain faithful to God and His kingdom, the Lord will not forget our Labour of Love.

In addition to the question, “Does Sex sell in the Church?”, here are some more questions:

Should we continue to support ministries that do not uphold moral standards?

Are we “washing our dirty linen in public” by addressing these issues?

Kindly leave your comments in the box below.



Pastor Francis Obasogie

PS: I encourage all god-fearing people out there to visit the YouTube video and click on the Dislike/Thumbs-down button on that YouTube page. Alternatively, flag that video by clicking on the Flag below the video on the YouTube page.

YouTube will take off the video if there is enough has been known to take down such videos

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